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| Sunday, 10 July 2016 |
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Flash Website

What is Flash?

Flash is a tool for animated multimedia both on and off the web. Today, Flash is the most widely accepted technology for creating a fully interactive real-time animation on the Web. The greatest attribute of Flash technology is the low bandwidth requirements compared to animated GIF's, Quick Time movies or even Shockwave Director technology.

Quick file downloads:

The reason why flash file size requirements are so low is due to its use of vector art as compared to bit-mapped art used in animated GIF's or Shockwave. Vector art uses geometry to define colours and shapes rather than bitmapped art which is defined be colouring each individual pixel such as Photoshop, Painter etc.

What we do in relation to Flash productions:

  • Flash website design
  • Animation for Banner design
  • Corporate Presentation / CD Rom Development
  • Online Product Presentation
  • Animation for TV commercials
  • Computer Based Training and e-learning
  • Animation for Technical / Medical devices user guide
  • Animation for Virtual Product
  • Character design
  • Logo animations
  • Flash 2D / 3D Animation or Flash Movies Designing
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Direct e-mail is a great marketing tool if used correctly – but an animated and interactive flyer is even better! You can launch a new product or service via an animated flyer thus creating a strong company image and rising above the standard of professionalism. Statistics have shown that customers are less likely to unsubscribe from this kind of e-mail than their text counterparts. This form of direct marketing is only one of the many that can raise your company to a different level.

Original soundtracks, animated visuals, and updated information will stay fresh in the minds of your customers much longer than a brochure. Allow your customers to dynamically interact with you through your Flash Presentation on the Web. You are building trusting relationships when you customers interact, trusting relationships encourage sales!

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