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| Sunday, 10 July 2016 |
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Vehicle Wraps

Your car, a great advertising opportunity with Vehicle branding!

And no I am not referring to cultural status reflected by the year and model of your car. I am referring to the places your car takes you on a day-to-day basis. How often have you stopped at a shopping mall and circled the parking lot level for level for a single available parking. Frustration sets in and you yell to the heavens “Did every single person in Gauteng decide to go shopping today”?

Vehicle wraps, business card like advertising bonded to your vehicle, can grab this marketing opportunity for you. Vehicle wraps have since their original design of one color writing developed into grand exhibitions of your company's products and/ or services. In some large company's they have taken the vehicle wrap advertising idea to the limit by including the car's make and model as part of their corporate identity. As effective as vehicle wrap marketing is for large companies so effective can it be for the company that is just starting out. It is a long lasting and very affordable advertising medium that is widely accessible to all companies big and small.

The drawback to the vehicle wrap type of advertising is that should your company change contact details or move to a different address the advertisement will be rendered useless and new vehicle wraps will have to be made.

But other than that vehicle wraps promote your company, its products and or service while you are doing your shopping. Another drawback with vehicle wrap advertising is your driver's discretion on the road. If your driver behaves like and idiot and tends to create frustration amongst other road users the negative impact does not relay to the driver as much as it relays to your company. Choose those drivers well! Now, if only you could find a parking!

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What are the types and forms of vehicle wrap advertising

Let's first look at what your expectations are of a vehicle wrap. You would like it to be affordable. Be durable in all types of weather. Be easily readable from a distance and portray your company image in the best way possible. You might even go so far as to want to list your products and/or services along with your contact details and address so that clients that fall with in your target market could identify your company with the specific products and / or services they require and memorize the contact details easily.

Some companies require removable vehicle wraps for distribution to sales agents that make use of their own vehicles for company business. The types of vehicle wraps depend most likely on the above criteria as well as the size you had in mind (or that your budget would allow). Removable vehicle wraps are printed on one sided magnetic durable and bendable plastic strips that can easily be transferred from one car to the next without damaging the paint layer of the vehicle.

Non removable vehicle wraps are bonded to the car with a special process but also does not damage the paint work of the vehicle in any way or form and can be removed if the vehicle needs to be sold at a later stage. Vehicle wraps are always professionally designed and produced.

The specialized process it takes to bond the vehicle wrap to the car is done by professionals and should not be done at home. But that is not the only reason why vehicle wraps should be done professionally. The professionally lay-out and design of your vehicle wrap whether it covers the windows of the car or not, will be designed in such a way as to display you company logo and corporate image in the best possible way.

Spending money on advertising is always an internal war about cost versus effectiveness versus need. In this instance it is definitely worth the professional design and lay-out cost before taking your vehicle wrap to the manufacturers. Not only to ensure effective marketing but also to ensure that the end product looks exactly like you imagined it. Your vehicle wrap can take your company every where you go whether it is on the road to new heights in productivity.

Before spending lots of money take the time to consult with Brandego Media and we'll give you honest and market related advice. You will not regret the decision.

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