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Professionally designed illustrations for your presentations, proposals, marketing strategy and just about any other promotional item

Illustrations are drawings (visual matter) used to clarify or explain a topic or item. The use of illustrations dates back to the beginning of time with cave drawings made by historic man.

Illustrations powerfully used in the marketing field

Illustrations are the visual elements in any advertisement, be it electronic or printed. It is an efficient way to represent the advertised idea and/or product. The headline (main advertised product and/or service) of the advertisement will usually be tide in with the main illustrated item. This combination works in concert with each other to attract the reader to the advertisement. But more than that, it is the illustration that makes the advertisement believable.

Illustrations can be in printed form or electronic. Electronic illustrations are more versatile and can be animated. Technology today has given us the tools to make real life realistic illustrations that can sell your product better than any other written form of advertising. Illustrations form a large part of the advertising media because it has the powerful ability to created emotion with the public. Emotion creation is a way of grasping a target market when they are not in a buying situation to create the need where no need existed previously.

Brandego Media illustrations
image credit: brandego media

Take for instance the BMW slogan “perfection perfected” with an image of a sleek new car. In the case of the car being illustrated without any slogan the focus would have been on the car's physical appearance only. BMW feels that, although they take great care in designing luxury interiors for their cars the real “big deal” is about the car's mechanical performance. The two aspects together “luxury interior” and “mechanical sound performance” forms, in their minds eye, perfection. But when you have taken your product to perfection already and you keep coming up with new cars what would they then be? How do you improve on already “perfection”?

Perfection perfected. Just those two words along with a stunning illustration/image and you have created very memorable very effective marketing.

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