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| Sunday, 10 July 2016 |
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Catalogue Design for products, exhibitions, showcasing, sales catalogues, and much more!

The one thing most catalogues have in common is that it is a list of products and or services listed in an easy to find lay-out on either a printed or electronic medium. The catalogues can be a comprehensive all inclusive list of services/ products or the listing (if the ranges of products or services are too great) can be split up into different types of catalogues to reach specific portions of your target market.

Which every way you choose to display your product in the catalogue, the phrase “a picture is worth a thousand words” surely applies here more than any where else. Merely listing products can be confusing when similar products are sold in different sizes and from different manufacturers.

So you are ready to assemble your new catalogue:

Where do I start developing a user friendly catalogue that is cost effective but still displays my products in the best possible way? If you already have a catalogue it would be a good to start to listen to the complaints often received from client or even your sales agents when using the catalogue. Or contact your nearest design and marketing company that can give you practical advice on how to assemble your catalogue to be user-friendly and brings across the message you wish to convey in the most effective way.

image credit: brandego media

Identify the exact problems with the previous catalogue before taking your information to the design company. Take the time and sit down with your designer. Make sure the design company is well aware of the purpose of your catalogue and the target market the catalogue needs to reach.

If you find it hard to wrap your mind around the idea of specifically designed catalogues, do yourself a favor and go around your shopping mall collecting different types of catalogues. Take note of the specific products that is being displayed and how the design of the catalogue is done in such a manner so to capture the imagination of its intended target market. Toy catalogues will generally be very colorful, a marketing strategy used to attract the child that in turn has to convince the parent that they “need” the specific item.

Quite cunning if you think that, marketing agencies actively target the child, in order to reach the parent. They literally use our own against us (light heartedly said). So next time your youngest insists on having an unaffordable toy, you know the one they just can't live without that is going to cost you a month-and-half's salary. Don't get up-set; see your loving child as a victim of a well planned marketing strategy to exploit your wallet. Give them a hug and walk away.

But seriously, each different catalogue will have a distinctive look and feel about it that coincides with the overall product that is advertised. Allow us to review your products and / or services and to create a fresh and vibrant catalogue that will appeal to your target market.

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    Monday, 15 January 2018 Bernardo

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