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| Sunday, 10 July 2016 |
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The Power of Billboard Marketing

Billboards are large outdoor printed or electronic advertising mediums. They are however very expensive to produce as the cost of erecting a billboard involves not only the designing and manufacturing cost but are also determined by the amount of traffic (prospective clients) that will pass it's location. Because of the expensive nature of this specific advertising medium, companies will often go into an advertising partnership with their corporate partners where each company includes their logos on the billboard.

Billboard designing is widely affected by the environment where the billboard would be erected and whether the billboard should be clearly visible at all times of the day in all types of weather. Environmental influences have lead to companies designing billboards that is easy to read from a distance in light reflecting colors. The information commonly displayed on billboards is brief announcements along with a visual affect such as a photo or company logo to draw the reader's attention. The marketing strategy around billboard advertising is most commonly about repeated visual indoctrination of a company logo and or product. The golden rule here is: “When they know about you they will use you”

As mentioned previously billboards can either be printed or electronic advertisements. Electronic billboards have widely grown in popularity in the overseas market where large buildings have dedicated large surface areas of their buildings for electronic billboard advertisements. Japan , China and New York are well known areas that largely make use of electronic billboards although the tendency is slowly stretching across the globe.

Brandego Media Billboards
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Should my Company be on a Billboard?

It is believed the South Africa will also start making use of these types of electronic billboards one day but as for the advertising market today billboard design remains mostly a printed, long lasting, outdoor advertising medium. Having your billboard graphically designed is only the beginning. A good graphic design company with extensive marketing experience will be able to assist you in choosing the right and most effective location for your billboard to be seen by as many of your target market clients as possible.

There is off cause the odd nut that uses the billboard to propose matrimony to his girlfriend but hey, what ever your advertising needs right?

What are your advertising needs?

Often the advertising and marketing budget is limited in the beginning of your company's existence and you rely mostly on word of mouth. Spending your marketing budget on effective marketing strategies could have a great impact on the existence of your company in the beginning as well as in the profitable future. It is very unusual for a small company that is just starting out to make use of billboard advertising but if you can afford it, billboard advertising is a great way to over shadow your competition and literally storm into the market.

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