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| Saturday, 09 July 2016 |
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Does your Flyer say: 'Read me?"

Flyers are seen as a mass marketing product that is cost effective and stretches the borders of your target market IF they are well designed and can convey your message effective and in the most productive manner.

If you print 10 000 flyers you would like to believe that 10 000 people with in your company's target market will be reached right? That would be the aim, in truth the flyers are generally used to grab the readers attention for further investigation. Flyers can be mailed, handed out, sent electronically, pined up at selected public places or just left at interesting place you know your target market will visit.

Flyers are much like an extension of the business card only with more room for graphic displays and more detailed information about your products and /or services. Flyers should be as eye catching as a poster and as informative as a brochure only shorter and produced much cheaper. Commonly flyers are produced in one colour and printed on affordable paper types. Once again the look of your flyer will depend on the purpose the flyer has to serve. But there are a few guidelines one can use to generally create and effective flyer.

Here are a few Flyer design tips:

Make use of photographs to tell your story instead of words only. As the say goes a picture is worth more than a thousand words.

Print your flyer only on the one side of the paper (what ever size you choose). It is common for people who receive flyers to only broadly scan the page for catching information to tell them if it is a service or product that they may need and disregard the rest. Only once your flyer has created a need for your services and / or products with the prospective client will the person who received the flyer read the “small print”.

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Limit yourself to the use to only 2 font types. Remember the objective of a flyer is to provide a quick information session to the flyer recipient in order to generate interest in your product. Never make unrealistic claims on your flyers. Although it may get the client into your company's doors it may also make them walk right out and worst still generate negative word of mouth advertising that has caused the downfall of many old and new businesses.

In order to generate a easy to read catching flyer it will be necessary to organize your flyer information into boxes and borders. Determine what the main focus of your flyer is and design the rest of the information around that.

Last but not least there is the question of keeping the original flyer design. The best marketing advise here is to stick with it. Do not change your flyer's look or information because you got bored with its appearance. To the new recipient the flyer is as effective as the first day you created it. With repetition the message becomes increasingly familiar and secure in their minds.

Many companies choose to design their flyers themselves and often strike out in the market with overly designed non specific marketing material that is lost to the recipient due to its complexity and or quality of the print work.

For this reason it is cost effective to use a professional design company to design the flyer for you. This could very well mean success where others have failed. You may want to reason as to why spend the money when you can do it all yourself even with limited design experience but has your mother not told you on more than one occasion that buying cheap is more often than not buying expensive.

Think about it and make the right decision for your flyer and your company.

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