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| Friday, 08 July 2016 |
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Our on-line 3D page turning software is a true innovation that offers a cost effective and vast array of creative solutions to getting your message out in a digital world filled with consumers and their constantly changing needs. With digital reading and easy downloading of information, books and magazines; electronic page-turning E-books with their awesome array of functionalities are fast gaining more and more popularity.

E-books are quick to publish and easy to distribute with one single link, no matter the size of the file. It can be a book-length publication or a couple page company portfolio and consists of text, images, live links, zoom and search functionalities all in digital form. E-books are readable on all computers without the need for any special software and much more visually appealing and user friendly than the conventional PDF document.

E-books can be read on computers, tablets and even smart phones, Android devices and certain mobile phones!

Brandego Media is pioneering in the world of digital publications

From your completed PDF document in full colour; we will have your E-Book ready for distribution with a simple link through any channel of your choice within 48 hours! Even if published in print format; your digital version will be ready before the printers go to press. Add the link to your email stationary, mass-mail to your database, load to your website, and distribute through Social Media and SMS! Turning to digital publication is a huge cost saving and a real on-line turn-page experience is a very convenient way to turn everybody on to your new publications!

Brandego Media Digital Publications
image credit: brandego media

Overview of the functional features of our E-Publications:

  • Enables a digital version of print material with functional features for immediate distribution with a simple link – no large files
  • Makes publications more flexible and runs on more devices like iPhone, iPad, and Android devices
  • A real on-line, full colour turn-page experience with multiple zoom, search and other user-friendly additions
  • Enables immediate distribution through viral channels and easy integration with modern social networks, Sms and email campaigns and added to websites.
  • Full Screen Stretch, PDF Download, Print from E-book, Share this, live links, thumbnail view, bookmark e-book, customizable skin to suit any design, multi-level zoom function
  • Mobile Devices Support - iPhone, iPad, and Android devices
  • Publication Protection - integrated methods to protect publications from unauthorized access and unwanted copying of content
  • Full-text Search -The alphanumeric data extracted from the document is used to enable full-text search within in the E-publication
Ludwe Mgqaliso

Big fan of open source and ubuntu

Website: joomlabuff.com/


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